The second VIETBUILD Hanoi 2020 International Exhibition with the theme on Real Estate – Interior – Exterior Decoration – Architecture – Construction and Building Materials officially opened on November 25 in Hanoi. The event attracted the participation of nearly 1200 booths showing new products, advanced technology of many brands from many countries.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Deputy Minister of Construction, Mr. Nguyen Van Sinh, said that the real estate market in the third quarter of 2020 had many prosperity, real estate supply showed signs of increasing. The number of houses eligible for sale increased sharply, about 82% compared to the previous quarter, in Hanoi City alone there were 13,300 units, an increase of 79.5% compared to the second quarter of 2020. Average occupancy rate for industrial real estate recorded in industrial zones of the 5 key provinces and industrial cities in the North is at a high level, about 78%, Hanoi City alone is about 90%. The real estate market has a lot of prosperity, which will be very favorable conditions for businesses in the fields of real estate, construction, building materials, interior & exterior decoration to take advantage of to create a recovery momentum for production and business, socio-economic development.

At the Vietbuild Hanoi 2020 Exhibition this time, most of the products displayed have been investigated, researched and invested by businesses with building materials and interior and exterior decoration products having new designs, the function and quality enhanced to meet the increasing demand for housing, construction and interior decoration. After many years of organization, VIETBUILD International Exhibition has become the demand of entrepreneurs even in the context that this year was heavily influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic recession. VIETBUILD still meets the needs of commercial promotion, technology transfer of businesses, and accompanies the stable and sustainable development of the construction industry in 2021 with many diverse and rich segments.

Specifically, the system for smart home, electrical equipment, door and door accessories, such as electrical appliances, lights, decorative lamps, LEDs, smart home control device, switches, door locks, electrical industry switching systems, uPVC doors, aluminum doors, wooden doors, electrical wires and cables, etc.

Interior and exterior decoration includes all kinds of wallpaper, 3D wall panels, decorative panels, scaffolding, flooring, carpet, curtains, handicrafts, shelves, paintings, pictures, statues, office furniture, sanitary wares, kitchen equipment like induction hob, gas stove, hood, ovens, dishwashers, faucets, washbasins, etc., and home furniture like beds, TV shelves, sofas, dressing tables, wardrobes, etc.

The construction and building materials sectors include building materials, such as stone tile, aluminum cladding, aluminum ceiling, wood grain stone, corrugated steel sheet accessories, aluminum, waterproofing, paint, chemical waterproof – fireproof, construction additive, sealant, 3D flooring, sound insulation materials – heat insulation, bolts in construction, etc.

There are also other products, such as solar energy systems, water purification systems, air cleaning, coolers, industrial machinery, equipment and water supply, wastewater treatment systems, washing machines like industrial dryers, hand tools, water pumps, industrial fans, etc.

Over the years, VIETBUILD Hanoi 2020 has become a big brand, a common platform for real estate and construction businesses, bringing out effective trade promotion and investment cooperation.

The products introduced and displayed at the exhibition have been explored, researched and invested by businesses following the trend of new designs, enhanced features and quality, meeting the needs of housing, construction and interior and exterior decoration which is increasingly developed.

At the exhibition, there are also seminars with practical and fruitful topics to encourage businesses to research and continuously produce new and high-tech products to meet market demand. Along with that, there are the business forums, customer conferences,  a bridge for businesses and the public to meet, exchange, and capture the needs and tastes of consumers to orient their business strategy, etc.