FAQ Copy

Q: I registered to participate in the vacant land, the sales staff of AFC Company advised me to calculate to register for electricity service, is that correct? This registration deadline?

You do not specify which fair you attend, but can answer you as follows: Registering for empty land, the Organizing Committee only provides the area and location as agreed, the unit If you set up your own booth (or hire another staging unit), it is necessary to calculate the total power consumption of the booth you use and register as soon as you sign up for the Fair Registration service, such as so the AFC company’s sales staff advised it correctly. The deadline for registration is the lowest in the registration form, depending on the Expo, but usually before the Opening date from 20-25 days, so that the Organizer must take into account the total electricity consumption That exhibition fair, must work with the Electricity Agency to rent substations, line installation units …. So if you do not register in advance, it is very difficult for the organizers to meet the request, or the service provider will raise the price higher than the service price offered by the organizers, greatly affecting the Decorate your company’s booth properly. In the spirit of cooperation, ensuring common success, we hope your company as well as other companies take part in this issue.

Q: Can I receive the VIETBUILD Proceedings offered by the Organizing Committee for free when I visit, now I am interested in Phu My High-class Apartment in District 7 (when I only see the building in the advertising panel fence), but look up the address to contact the owner of this apartment in the Proceedings I don’t see posted?

As mentioned in the last section of the Proceedings, because to ensure the production and business activities required by many participating enterprises, we do not post the address and phone number. The units and partners need to contact our customer service center: Tel: 08.39974999 will be guided and answered. By the way, we would like to answer the content of your interest: Phu My High-class Apartment, Owner is Van Phat Hung Joint Stock Company, Address: 1333/9 Huynh Tan Phat, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, Tel: 08. 7850011, in addition there are many branches in districts 1, 2.8 … You contact the main office as above to get a guide